Music and Art: How music can inspire different type of visual art

Music and Art: How music can inspire different type of visual art

When making visual art, a lot of the time, artists might hit a wall in terms of their expression or a core feeling that might be missing when producing the work. That is where I think music can come in to add another layer of inspiration when it is needed. Being a type of art as well, the synergistic impact can be very obvious when making art in the presence of music and without. 

And in this article, we will explore some of the type of music that we listen to to inspire a different type of artwork and a different feeling that the artwork might produce. 

For example, when listening to EDM, House or Electronic music, especially those that are bass boosted with very powerful lower frequencies. 

The colors that come to our mind will be strong shades of red, green, blue, a high contrast type of work or even neon or metallic markers type of bold expression. 


Or, if we are listening to more lofi, focus/concentration type of tracks like below

We will usually come to a more pastel palette in our minds, with softer edges that usually comes with using water color as our main medium for expression. 

It is amazing how the music we listen to can inspire different type of work even if we start off on the same mood. And a lot of it can be attributed to the brain activity activated through the music, strong bold bass music vs calming relaxing acoustic tunes. 

All in all, we will encourage you to try making your artwork while listening to different music and see where it takes you and we will continue to add new tracks to this collection to hopefully inspire more works of expression.

Thank you for reading and see you again!

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