Collection: Body Kun - Figure Drawing Models for Artists

All the tools you need to master figure drawing. Body Kun adjustable drawing figure has 30 adjustable joints to reproduce almost every pose you can imagine for your figure drawing journey. 

BodyKun Figure Drawing Poses and Sketches

It is a great way to start observing forms, seeing tone and developing manual skills including technical skills like manipulating a pen or brush. On top of that, Body Kun is a 3D model which increase the perception of depth as compared to a flat photo. Combined with a movable light source, you can advance into increasing your awareness of how light interacts with a 3D form and the shadow produced by each pose, from light shades to darkness where light never falls. 

BodyKun 3D Figure Drawing Model

Body Kun is also extremely helpful in drawing dynamic poses where it is almost impossible for a human model to maintain for extended periods of time for a sketch, not to mention the cost of hiring a model each time you will like to practice. In extreme cases where some aerial poses are just impossible (eg. Flying Kicks), our Body Kun set comes with a clear stand to hold the drawing model in place while you observe, understand and recreate the anatomy of that position in a 3D space. 

BodyKun 3D Figure Drawing Model with Sword and Gun

Also included in our Body Kun box set are a sword, laptop, gun, cellphone, pen.These tools work together with the interchangeable hands of the drawing model to further push the boundaries of the variety of poses and scenarios these Body Kun models can reproduce and thereby the scenarios you can practice drawing.

Figure and anatomy drawing takes time and practice to refine and perfect. And as you pursue this discipline, our Body Kun model can help to improve the efficiency of progress of the technical skills as well as inject an element of fun and imagination in the creation of your masterpiece.   

Figure Drawing Artpiece