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DIY Resin Jewelry Mold 83 Pcs Set

DIY Resin Jewelry Mold 83 Pcs Set

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Design Your Very Own Unique Jewelry
Various Shapes of molds can help you to design the perfect DIY jewelry!
Customize your own jewelry accessories with this silicone molds.
Beautifully Handmade: Perfect tools for making great designs of your own, bracelet, rings, and other jewelry. 

Various Designs: Oval, teardrop, star, heart, flower, etc., a variety of styles to meet your different needs.

Wide Applications: Can be applied to DIY different handiwork and jewelry, such as key chain, earrings, necklaces, pendant, bracelets and more, with many operating tools, help you make them more easily.
DIY: Design to make your own crafts, great for jewelry making and accessories.
Mold Kit: A metal twist drill makes you bore a hole easily. Plastic stirrers to help you stir the glue and plastic droppers to help you extract liquid;
This set only has mold, does not contain crystal glue.
Material: Silicone
Pattern: star shape, round shape, rectangular shape, etc.
Quantity: 15pcs Silicone Jewelry Molds
* NO crystal glue included in the set

15 x jewelry making molds,
25 x gold screw eye pins,
25 x silver screw eye pins,
5 x plastic stirrers,
5 x plastic spoons,
5 x plastic droppers,
1 x Hand Twist Drill (include 4 pieces twist bits),
1 x glitter powder sequins (1 random color),
1 x Storage Bag (Black)
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