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Element Proof Universal Lens Cap

Element Proof Universal Lens Cap

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Focus on taking the best shots and not have to worry about your lenses again.

The Element Proof Universal Lens cap is your all-in-one solution to ultimate outdoor protection for your camera lenses.

One Size Fits All - Made from a high performance rubber, it stretches to fit and cover all lens barrels between 60mm to 95mm lenses. Meaning one size for 99% of all camera lenses!

One size fits all Lens Cap 

Element Proof Front and Back Coverage - By covering both the front and back, the lens cap protects your lens from the environment with its Waterproof, Dustproof & Shock-Absorbent properties

Front and back lens cap Water resistant lens cap 

Dirt resistant lens cap Shock Absorbent Lens Cap

Fits into any space - Not only does it stretch to fit on any lens you have. You can flatten and store it in a space as small as your pocket when not in use!

Lens cap that fits every space

Get yours today and never worry about your lens again

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