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"I would have never guessed a pillow would make my neck and shoulders stop hurting."

NovoSleep™ Orthopedic Pillow

NovoSleep™ Orthopedic Pillow

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Introducing the NovoSleep™ Orthopedic Pillow: Unparalleled Comfort and Support

Experience the epitome of relaxation and support with our revolutionary Orthopedic Pillow. Crafted with precision, this premium pillow provides unmatched comfort for a restful night's sleep.

✔ Effective neck pain relief with results from week one
✔ Reduces headaches and shoulder pain with proper spine support
✔ Get a better night's sleep and wake up refreshed
  • Risk Free - 30 Night Sleep Trial
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Free shipping on orders above $75
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  • Standard pillows

    Traditional pillows aren't built for support, meaning your spine ends up in an unnatural curve – often resulting in pain, discomfort and poor-quality sleep.

  • NovoSleep Pillow

    NovoSleep uses advanced memory foam technology + unique curvature design to straighten and support your spine in its natural position, reducing pain and improving sleep.

Better Sleep, From the Very First Night

Proper Alignment Can Revolutionize Your Sleep

If you’re used to waking up feeling groggy, tired and stiff after a bad night’s sleep, Derila could revolutionize your mornings.

Made from advanced memory foam, NovoSleep not only supports – it molds to your unique shape, just like a custom pillow (at a fraction of the price). This means that however you like to sleep (back, side or stomach), you’ll get the restful sleep you need.

Join 1000+ Customers And Wake Up To A Better You

Sleep-Friendly Support In Any Position for Your Neck & Arms

No positions is left unsupported.

Not only does the unique butterfly curve design support your neck in any position, it takes into account your arms to achieve optimum comfort from perfect alignment.

Some Novosleep customers find that muscle pain and tension are reduced, snoring improves and they’re able to get up ready to face the day with a smile.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will this help with my back and neck pain?

A: Poor sleep posture is a leading cause of pain. The Derila helps reduce back and neck pain, along with tension headaches and shoulder pain, by supporting your spine through the night.

Q: I'm a light sleeper. Will this help me sleep more soundly?

A: Light sleep is often due to discomfort, stress or snoring. The NovoSleep can help by giving you a comfortable, supportive sleep position that aids breathing to help you sleep more deeply.

Q: Do you think this would make a good gift?

A: Yes – many customers go on to buy extra pillows for their friends and family. It makes a great present for people who work long hours or travel frequently, or for older people suffering from joint and muscle pain.

Who wouldn't want the gift of a good sleep.

Q: What if I do not like it?

Do not worry, NovoSleep comes with a 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee so it is risk free for you.

Let us know if it does not suit you and we will refund you 100%.

Q: What does it include?

  • 1 x NovoSleep™ Orthopedic Pillow
  • 1 x Cover
  • 1 x Care Manual

Q: What size is the NovoSleep Orthopedic Pillow?

The NovoSleep pillow measures 23.6 in. x 14.96 in. x 4.72 in and weighs about 3 pounds.