ThermoBrace™ - Self Heating Back Brace for Lower Back Pain Relief

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Relieve your Back Pain with Natural Heat Treatment with ThermoBrace™

How does it work?
Tourmaline is a natural mineral which produces far infrared rays and negative ions, when the tourmaline is placed on or near the skin it increases blood circulation to that area creating the natural heating effect.

The ThermoBrace™ belt contains both tourmaline and powerful neodymium magnets. This combines beneficially magnetic therapy to the natural tourmaline heat, creating a one, two punch to get your pain under control fast.

Self Heating Back Brace Uses
  • Fully Flexible: The belt is fully adjustable and supportive while not being restrictive. It will go un-noticed under clothes and can be worn while working, gardening, playing sports, watching TV etc. It can even be used in bed as a tiny electric blanket!
  • Fast Acting: The Tourmaline gets to work fast you will start to feel the effects in 5 to 20 minutes to it keeps working while in close contact with the skin. The heating effect can be intensified and sped up by moistening the tourmaline beads with a damp cloth or spraying water on the skin (sweat has the same effect).
  • Reusable: After wearing this belt you won't need to buy another disposable heat pack ever again. When tourmaline is placed on your skin it increases blood circulation to that area creating the natural heating effect.

How to Use

How to use a Self Heating Back Brace


  • To find your size please do not go by your trouser size. Please measure around your stomach where the belt will be placed.
    • S = 26-31''
    • M = 29-35''
    • L = 33-38''
    • XL = 35-41''