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Wax Sealing Kit with Vintage Wax Stamp

Wax Sealing Kit with Vintage Wax Stamp

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Stamp Design

Create the perfect touch with a wax seal!

Convey your thoughts and care to your loved ones with this incredibly beautiful yet simple act of imprinting a decorative wax seal.

Wax Seal Process Gold Wax Seal

Wax Seal Kit Wax Seal Inspiration

Ideal for All Craft Works - Add beautiful details to envelopes, parcels, invitations. scrapbooks, wedding, party invitations, galas and other special events.

Perfect Gift - Have a friend that is into craft? Our Wax Seal Kit comes in a gift box designed for both beauty and function.

Wax Seal Kit Instructions 

Wax Seal Kit includes the following in one beautiful gift box

  • Vintage Sealing Wax Stamp with Wooden Handle and Brass Stamp - Alphabet Initial Letter Design from A to Z
  • Premium Sealing Wax Sticks: Golden, Silver, Dark red
  • Silver Heating Spoon
  • 2 Heating Candle 

Wax Seal Kit Item Specifications

  • Limited Supply, Not Sold in Stores
  • Free Worldwide Shipping! 

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