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DeepState™ Sleep Patch

DeepState™ Sleep Patch

An Easy And Safe Way To Get Deep Restful Sleep & Refreshed Mornings

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  • Melatonin

    It's a hormone that your brain produces naturally when it starts to get dark outside, letting you know it's time to rest. Taking extra melatonin before bed is long known to help produce quality sleep.

  • Valerian Root

    It's an herb that's been used in medicine for centuries. It's thought to reduce stress, and help you fall asleep more easily. It's safe, side-effect-free, and completely natural.

  • Hops

    It is known that hops have a sedative effect. On top of that, they have long been used to help with anxiety and sleep disorders, including insomnia.

  • Magnesium Malate

    Magnesium is an essential mineral in your body. Your body needs it to activate neurotransmitters responsible for relaxing and calming your body and mind.

The Only Sleep Therapy You'll Need

Forget expensive pills, harsh side effects, and sleeping aids that just fail to help you rest easier. The high-quality, uninterrupted sleep you deserve is just a minute away. DeepState™ is designed to be a completely safe, easy-to-use method to get you sleeping like a baby.

The carefully curated mix of special herbal extracts and melatonin – a side-effect-free compound will slowly seep into your body through an easy-to-apply patch. Fall asleep easily, rest well, and wake up refreshed, energized, and alert – ready to face anything.

  • Apply In Seconds

    Take off the protective film. Apply the
    patch. Enjoy sleep.

  • All Sleep Stages

    Fall asleep easily. Stay asleep. Wake up refreshed.

  • 100% Trusted Ingredients

    No habit-forming drugs. No adverse

Join 10,000+ Customers And Wake Up To A Better You

Support Effective Sleep While Using DeepState Sleep Patches During Your Rest

Great Sleep Is Life Changing

  • Quick To Sleep

    Forget rolling around in the bed, wide awake for hours. Fall asleep easily and quickly, within minutes after putting on the DeepState patch.

  • No Interruptions

    Slow ingredient release won't just help you fall asleep fast – get ready to enjoy uninterrupted, high-quality sleep.

  • A Better Morning

    Wake up refreshed, relaxed, and ready to face the day as your best self. Enjoy a new kind of morning routine that sets you up for success.

  • More Than Quality Sleep

    Sleep is essential for you. Quality sleep will allow your body to effectively repair damage, strengthen your immune system and improve your mental health.

Peel. Stick. Sleep. Magic

What our customers are saying

Rated 4.8/5 by 10,000+ Happy Customers

  • Serene


    I love the fact that I don't have to take pills. It makes me calm and fall asleep quickly. I can still wake up to use the BR but still go back to sleep fast. In the morning I feel alert and not groggy! I would recommend this to everyone.

  • Joe


    I received the first box of DeepState™ and have found it amazing to use and sleep so much better.

  • Kathlyn


    I just had to let you know that after 30 years of dealing with chronic pain and lack of sleep, your patches let me sleep through the night! My sister-in-law ought these for me and I couldn't be more grateful! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

  • Jennifer


    I'm so happy, from the first night I put the patch on my husband arm, he's been having a really nice sleep. and he is not taking any more sleeping tablets. Thank you

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How DeepState™ Works

The key to DeepState's successful effect comes from fast-acting, reliable ingredients that slowly seep into your body, unlike a pill. This helps promote high-quality sleep through the night without making you drowsy in the morning.

1. Skin Contacting Layer

The contact layer of the patch has a skin-safe adhesive that you can safely and comfortably use anywhere on your body, strong enough to stay on through the night.

2. Active Ingredient Layer

All active ingredients are in the middle layer. Once the protective film is peeled off and the contact layer is revealed, they will slowly seep into your body through the night.

3. Backing Layer

The back of the patch is covered in soft foam that keeps the patch together while directing the active ingredients to the contact layer.

A Cut Above The Rest

Quality Sleep Makes Releases Your
Best Self. Don't Settle For Less

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is DeepState™?

A: DeepState™ is a non-invasive, sleep-enhancing patch that's powered by time-tested ingredients. It helps you fall asleep easily, stay sleeping through the night, and improve overall sleep quality without making you drowsy in the morning.

Q: How does DeepState™ work?

A: DeepState™ is a non-invasive, sleep-enhancing patch that's powered by time-tested ingredients. It helps you fall asleep easily, stay sleeping through the night, and improve overall sleep quality without making you drowsy in the morning.

Q: I'm a light sleeper. Will this help me sleep more soundly?

A: Light sleep is often due to discomfort, stress or snoring. The DeepState™ can help by giving you a comfortable sleep that allows you to rest better.

Q: Why Melatonin Patches?

Melatonin traditionally comes in pills, gummies, and tablets with 1mg-10mg dosages, taken orally and absorbed within an hour, but this can result in excessive absorption beyond safety limits. Our slow-release technology delivers melatonin in small, safe doses throughout the night via a topical patch containing 7mg of melatonin. This method cannot be directly compared to traditional oral consumption of melatonin pills, as the patch's unique delivery system allows for a more effective and safe absorption.

Q: Why is DeepState™ better than other sleep solutions?

Unlike many other sleep improvement solutions, DeepState™ doesn't require you to take pills at certain times with foods, brew tea, or take additional steps. It has an incredible 65% absorption rate compared to 15% for most other oral solutions. All you need to do is peel off the protective film and place the patch on a hairless area on your skin.

Q: Can I use DeepState while being pregnant?

We recommend anyone that is pregnant or have long term medical issues to consult their physicians.